See the schedule and venues for testing to participate in the competition at the link.

See the schedule and venues for testing to participate in the competition at the link.

If the entrant wants to save time and already has sufficient knowledge of English, it is best to enter this program after the 10th grade of Ukrainian school. In the first year of study at the A-level program, students choose four subjects that are relevant to their future specialty. According to the results of the first year of study, the subject with the worst progress is cut off and for study in the second year of the program there are only three subjects for which the student must get the maximum grades to successfully enter the university. In public colleges A-level program will cost about 7.5 thousand pounds per year without accommodation. In private colleges – about 17 thousand. The accommodation itself will cost another 10 thousand pounds a year. And the cost of the program in boarding schools, where students both study and live, will be from 22 to 28 thousand pounds a year. The A-level program is academically intensive and therefore it is worth enrolling if the child demonstrates high school performance and a high level In the UK, the A-level program is offered by: Earlscliffe College, Kings Colleges, John Leggott College, CATS College Cambridge, CATS Canterbury. Foundation – UK, Ireland. The Foundation’s one-year program is more suitable for students with more modest grades and less outstanding academic abilities. Upon successful completion of the program, admission to universities of a good level is guaranteed. This program, in addition to improving English language skills, also provides specialization in the chosen field. The Foundation program differs from the A-level program by the lower intensity of the study load, as well as the fact that the exams in the subjects are not held at the end of training, but at the end of each module. The Foundation program is available only after the 11th grade. In both Britain and Ireland, the Foundation program can be taken in both colleges and universities, which use this program to prepare students for themselves. During the program at the university, the entrant is, in fact, a full-fledged student and has the right to use the entire infrastructure of the university, such as a library or gym. Often students in such programs live with students and thus integrate into the student environment. If a student has not yet decided on a specific university, he or she can take the Foundation program at one of the international colleges that work with several institutions. the average is about $ 20,000. In the UK, the Foundation program is offered by: Kings Colleges, Kaplan International Colleges, CATS College Cambridge, CATS Canterbury. In Ireland, the Foundation program is offered by: Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin. International Baccalaureate – Great Britain, USA, Canada. The two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) program will make it possible to enter a university not only in the UK, but also in the US and Canada, as well as in continental Europe. IB offers to study not 3-4 subjects as A-level, but 6 elective subjects, three of which are studied at the regular level, and three – at the advanced level. This program is as academically intensive as A-level and allows you to enter the most prestigious universities. In Britain, the IB program is offered by international colleges and boarding schools, and its cost is comparable to the cost of the A-level program. In North America, the International Baccalaureate program offered by private schools. The cost of such a program in a private school in the United States or Canada is about $ 30,000 a year. In Canada, this program can also be taken at a public school, where the cost per year of study will be about 13,300 Canadian dollars. In the United States, the International Baccalaureate program is offered by: Fairmont International School (California). In Canada, the International Baccalaureate program is offered by: Mountain Secondary School from the Langley School District. Advanced Placement – USA, Canada. The Advanced Placement (AP) program was created in the United States by the College Board and is offered in the United States, Canada, and many other countries. The essence of the program is that even during the last grades (usually in 11 -m and 12-m) high school, the student can take a course of any subject at the university level. During the year, the student studies this subject, and at the end of the school year is tested, according to which the student is credited with the course studied, from which he is released in the first year of university. Theoretically, the student can choose up to three subjects out of 34 possible, but As a rule, the high study load does not allow to study more than one or two subjects a year. The Advanced Placement program is taught within the school program of the American or Canadian school. Tuition at a Canadian boarding school ranges from $ 27,000 to $ 32,000 per year and includes the full range of boarding school services. In the United States, the Advanced Placement program is offered by: Fairmont International School. In Canada, the Advanced Placement program is offered by: Langley School District – 8 schools, Bronte College, Bodwell High School. Admission to rating universities requires effort and work from the student. “It is impossible to count on entering a prestigious foreign university if a child has shown average performance in a Ukrainian school. To achieve such goals, it is necessary to take care of academic performance and knowledge of English at least a few years before graduation, "said Olga Glukhova, a consultant for education at the A-priori educational agency. According to her, to enter a prestigious university you need to prepare in advance.programs, because, even with a very good knowledge of the language, a certain period of adaptation is still needed.Her colleague from the A-priori agency Natalia Girik is convinced that first of all the applicant and his parents need to decide on the preparatory program and the country of study. "If the program is difficult to determine, it is desirable to turn to qualified professionals who will help to understand and systematize the available information," – said Natalia. Educational Agency "A-priori" – provides professional assistance in choosing the country of study, school and documents and visas. The company provides support to students throughout the training period. Pavel Petrichenko,


Recruitment for annual training in the United States under the "Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX)" continues

FLEX: free education in the USA for schoolchildren

Recruitment for one-year training in the United States under the "Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX)" for Ukrainian schoolchildren continues. This was reported by the American Councils for International Education.

FLEX is a cultural exchange program for high school students, in which 8th, 9th and 10th graders have the opportunity to travel to the United States for free, to attend a comprehensive school for a year, living with a host family. The program is fully funded by the US government and administered by the American Councils for International Education.Over 24 years of work in Ukraine, more than 6,000 schoolchildren have become FLEX graduates, including more than 250 students with disabilities.All students in grades 8-10 born between January 1, 2000 and July 15, 2002 and fluent in English are eligible for this year’s competition.See the schedule and venues for testing to participate in the competition at the link.Children with disabilities who were born between February 15, 1999 and July 15, 2002 and study in grades 8-11 are also invited to participate in the competition. Children with disabilities should be notified of their participation by the Kiev office of the American Councils in order to create appropriate testing conditions.More detailed information about the program, dates and places of testing can be found by phone: (044) 289-39-52 / 53/77/78; e-mail:; or on the website from Luhansk and Donetsk regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, who meet all the criteria, can take part in testing at any test center nearest to them.During the test you must have a birth certificate, a 3×4 photo and consent to the processing of personal data (the document is required, it can be found on the website


IQ Consultancy invites parents and children to learn about US high schools

Secondary education in the United States: the path to an American university

On February 15, the educational exhibition "Private Schools of Great Britain, USA and Canada" will host a presentation of famous North American private schools, during which visitors will be able to get comprehensive information about secondary education in the United States and the benefits of American schools as a way to enter higher education. it is known that America is a country of opportunities. Your success in the United States depends on you and your efforts. Every year, more and more Ukrainian parents are thinking about educating their children in American private schools as an investment in their future careers. What makes them think so? There are at least 50 elite private schools in each US state. Their main goal is the diverse development of students and preparation for admission to prestigious American universities, such as Ivy League universities – Stanford, Harvard, Yale and others. America’s private schools offer students unique learning opportunities. These are primarily centers and laboratories that are located on the territory of schools, sports grounds, photo and film studios, theaters and volunteer projects. Every school has something to offer an energetic and focused Ukrainian student. Ross School The senior classes of Ross School are located on campus in East Hampton, about two hours from New York.